Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor therapy for men and women:

Pelvic floor therapy is a specialisation within the exercise therapy. You can come to our practice with all your complaints concerning the pelvic floor. The therapy is for women and men with complaints concerning the pelvis or the pelvic floor.

–     Complaints during pregnancy
–     Pelvic complaints after menopauze
–     Stress urge incontinence
–     Impaired pelvic floor
–     Incontinence
–     Stressincontinentce after prostatectomy
–     Obstipation
–     Pelvic pain
–     Vaginism
–     Pain during lovemaking

Pelvic instability with pregnant women:

Therapist Jolanthe Janssen is registered at the Registry for Pelvic Instability by Cecile Rost for pregnant women. Even after pregnancy women can have problems and pain concerning the pelvis, or suffer from incontinence.

Complaints we can help you with at the Van Nijenrode Clinic:

–     Pelvic instability during pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal.
–     Pelvic complaints postnatal, prenatal or after menopauze.